Dear AST Family and Friends,

We hope that everyone had a restful Chinese New Year holiday and we are excited to be back in school with our great kids. The students are working hard in their classes, preparing for TAIMUN in April, and planning for the International Carnival on March 17th.

Next week, we have no school on Wednesday in honor of 2/28 day and we have our Elementary Tea Time with the Directors on Thursday.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone to please drop off students in the morning at the Lincoln Activity Center (LAC) rather than in front of the first gate.

Have a great next week,

Anthony Keen


You Tube Math Channel

Mr Salvato has created a new YouTube Math Channel for his Middle School students and will create and publish a new short video by the end of each week. Several students, who are proficient in video editing, will help him to accomplish this task and he hopes this will add an extra layer of fun for everyone involved, both as authors and users!

Courtesy of Mr. Valentino Salvato




最後,讓我們再次提醒大家,在早晨送孩子上學到校時,請讓同學們在AST林肯活動中心 (體育館) 外的停車場下車,而不要在靠近行政大樓這邊的大門讓孩子們下車。




You Tube 數學視頻

Mr Salvato老師為他初中數學班上學生建立了一個新的YouTube數學視頻 ,並預計今後每周末都將再上傳新的短片。有幾位精通視頻編輯的同學也將協助他完成這項任務。他希望能讓每位參與到的人,無論是作者或使用者,都可以藉此獲得更多的樂趣!

感謝Mr. Valentino Salvato老師提供