Dear AST Family and Friends,

We are coming to the end of an exciting week at AST. Our Shakespeare experience at the Taichung National Theater is wrapping up today. We are including a few of the pictures now and we want to share more next week. Both the students and the teachers attending are describing the event as simply "amazing".

We also hosted two Tea Times this week completing this set of Tea Times. The big takeaway from this set of Tea Times was a need for parent information sessions for parents of 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students around college applications and building a strong application throughout a student's high school experience. We are already working to make that happen.

We are also putting the next two sets of Tea Times with the Directors on the calendar. The first set between Chinese New Year and Spring Break will be:

         March 1 - Elementary School

         March 8 - Middle School

         March 22 - High School

The Tea Times after Spring Break will be:

         April 12 - Elementary School

         April 26 - Middle School

         May 3 - High School

Have a great next week,

Anthony Keen

No Late Bus on February 13th

There is no after school activities, sports practices or games on Tuesday, February 13th, the day before the Chinese New Year Holidays. These clubs include ES soccer, ES cooking, MS Performance Dance, and HS Girls Volleyball.





         3月1日星期四 -- 小學部家長

         3月8日星期四 -- 初中部家長

         3月22日星期四 -- 高中部家長


         4月12日星期四 -- 小學部家長

         4月26日星期四 -- 初中部家長

         5月3日星期四 -- 高中部家長




2月13日沒有Late Bus (晚班放學校車)