Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for the Parent Association meeting. We appreciate our parents and the huge role that they play in the success of our school. This week, our middle and high school students have been participating in the 3rd Annual Shakespeare Experience. This tremendous opportunity strengthens their understanding of the famous playwright, the power of live theatre, and improves their ability to speak expressively in the English language.

This weekend, our youngest robotics team will compete in our own TAI-VEX IQ tournament. Feel free to watch the action on Sunday.

Next week, we are in school for half a day on Thursday and then we break for the Chinese New Year holiday. We are adjusting our half-day schedule so that students will go to every block on the given day. This does not change the start or end of the half-day in any way.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony & Annie



這個週末,我們小學部機器人團隊將參加我們自己舉辦的TAI-VEX IQ比賽。歡迎大家周日至校觀看比賽。

下週,在1/23星期四當天我們將調整上課時間,在上半天的課程及午餐後,校車將於中午12:30離開學校,接著就是這學年的農曆新年假期。1/23當日半天課程時間表已調整成Day 1 的四堂課皆須上課,課表如下: 


校長 金安東   副校長 童元欣