Dear AST Families and Friends,

This week, we have been very fortunate to have Mr. Dewi Hughes from Drama Arts Productions, UK here with us in Taichung to work on the physicality and voice of formal performance and presentation, in general, and specifically connected to Shakespearean drama. These skills connect strongly to our students as future business people, lawyers, doctors, leaders, and other professionals. The ability to stand before an audience with confidence and speak thoughtfully is one that we are continuously working to develop in our students. In addition, connecting the students to the physical place of the National Taichung Theatre further connects them to the community and the performing arts and elevates the importance of the work. We cherish these opportunities when we can create them for our students.

Three quick notes:

  • Tomorrow, Saturday, January 19, there is no school and our offices are closed. (Some schools and offices are open tomorrow.)
  • Report cards will be sent home digitally today. They are accessible via Alma and will be emailed home as well. If you would like a physical copy, please contact Ms. Claire. Thanks for not printing these unless it is necessary.
  • MAPS data is being prepared and should be sent home next week.

Buses have become more crowded as our school has grown. This presents challenges and needs for a few reminders. Please remind our bus riders that AST buses are not a place for loud and boisterous outside play, but that volume levels should reflect indoor socialization. Many students utilize this bus time as a quiet time to study, read, or sleep and we should all be respectful of that preference. Another quick reminder for elementary school parents: Please wait for your child at the bus stop to sign them out.

Also related to buses, we have allowed students to change what bus they ride when they are traveling to a different location for the evening. This has been especially utilized on Friday evenings. To ensure that all students have seats on the bus, one-time bus changes must register with GAO beforehand. Riders may not show up on the buses after school and simply get on a different bus without preregistering. Seats on bus A, B, E and currently quite limited on Fridays. Additionally, we are looking into whether we can better balance the number of students on each bus to make more room on those rather full buses. If we do change bus routes, we will notify parents.

Looking forward:

  • Tea Time with the Directors at 1:30 pm on Friday, January 25th. Parents are also invited to stay for the Club Fair at 2:30 pm.
  • International Carnival is on February 28 (2/28) and we look forward to celebrating cultures around the world and hosting everyone at AST.

Have a great week,



本週,我們非常幸運地能請到來自英國Drama Arts Productions組織的Mr. Dewi Hughes來到台中與我們一起研究正式表演和演講的肢體形象和聲音表現,特別是還能與莎士比亞戲劇連結學習。這些技能的學習,對我們學生未來有非常強烈的幫助,不論他們未來將成為商業人士、律師、醫生、領導者或其他專業人士都會有所關連。這次的研習營希望能夠讓AST學生學習到充滿自信地站在觀眾面前真摯演說的能力,這也是我們平時不斷努力在培養學生發展的能力。此外,我們特地將學生帶到台中國家歌劇院上課,除了能進一步讓學生接近社區和親身體驗藝術表演場地外,也提升了學校舉辦這項活動的重要性。我們一向珍惜所有能為學生增加寶貴經驗的機會。


  • 明天,1月19日星期六,AST是不用上班上課的,同學們不需到學校來。(我們知道有些台灣的學校與公司行號明天是需要補班的)
  • 電子版的第一學期成績報告單將於今天寄出。大家可以查看自己的電郵信箱或Alma帳戶。有需要正式紙本成績單的同學,請直接與註冊組Ms. Claire聯絡。感謝大家一起支持環保節省使用紙張,如非必要絕不隨意列印紙本。
  • 我們正在整理最近一次MAPS測驗結果資料,並準備下星期將資料寄出。


關於校車我們另外還增加了新的規定:若因參加學校活動需要,同學們可以搭乘與平常不同路線的校車,尤其是在有活動的周五晚上。還有,為確保所有學生在校車上都有座位,平常沒搭校車只因參加活動搭乘一次校車的同學,必須事先到總務處(GAO) 登記;一次性乘車的同學,放學時,不可未經登記就直接上校車;想換搭別路線校車的同學也不可在未先報備總務處的情況下自行換車搭乘。目前A、B、E校車上的座位幾乎都滿了,特別是週五的空位更是非常有限。因此,我們正在研究如何可以盡量讓每輛校車上的學生人數取得平衡,讓目前比較擁擠的校車可以騰出更多空間。如果我們有改變任何校車線路,都將會先通知家長。


  • 1月25日星期五下午1:30 - 家長與校長們的茶敘時間(Tea Time);茶敘時間結束後,歡迎家長緊接著和學生們一起參加2:30開始的AST社團博覽會(Club Fair)
  • AST 30周年國際嘉年華會將於2月28日 (228紀念日)舉行,讓我們一起期待AST同學們以全球各國不同文化的歡慶方式來主辦這個活動。

祝 大家都有很棒的一周,

校長 金安東