Dear AST Families and Friends,

Welcome to 2019. We are excited to be back together for our second semester and the kickoff of our 30th anniversary. AST was founded in 1989 with modest roots and now it is a dynamic, exciting place for personalized education and exploration of passion. Our students attend great universities, win awards, and return as successful alumni. Some of those alumni joined us this week for a basketball round-robin between an alumni team, a teacher team, our Varsity boys and our JV boys basketball teams. It was a fun event and it was great to reconnect with those alumni.

We wanted to quickly remind parents that our Activity Schedule has moved from Mondays to Fridays and it has been adjusted to make lunch and passing breaks a little less tight and more in line with other days. We would also like to remind you about things coming up next week:

  • The Shakespeare Experience - many of our students in middle and high school will travel to the Taichung National Theatre for an instructional experience about understanding and performing Shakespearean plays.
  • Parent Association Meeting - come join our PA on Thursday, at 2:00 pm as they prepare for the International Carnival on February 28.
  • Tea Time with the Directors - it has been too long since we have sat down together to simply listen to your ideas and concerns -- Parents, let’s reconnect on Friday, January 25th, at 1:30 pm.

Have a great week,



歡迎與我們一起迎接2019年的到來,在進入本學年第二學期的開始之時,台中美國學校(AST) 也同時進入了創校的第30周年。AST成立於1989年,從創立初期有限的資源,一直努力到現在,已成為一個充滿活力,令人興奮、重視個別化教育和探索各種不同學習熱情的園地。我們的學生畢業後不但進入歐美很好的大學繼續接受更高等的教育,並不斷獲得各種獎項,也常會回到AST校園來探望學弟妹。 這星期二就有一些目前已很有成就的校友回到校園來,與學校目前Varsity 和JV 男籃校隊還有教師聯隊進行籃球友誼賽。 整個活動除了充滿歡樂之外,最棒的還是能與這些校友們保持聯絡並有進一步的互動。

藉此機會,我也要很快地再次提醒大家學校的Activity Schedule (活動日課表) 這學期開始已經改成在每星期五適用,而不是像上學期在每星期一使用,且縮短了一早的導師時間而增長午餐時段,希望能讓大家感覺跟平常上課一樣,不會因在最後一堂有活動而整天感覺很趕,影響正常上課。 以下則將先列出下星期即將展開的一些活動:

  • 莎士比亞戲劇體驗營 - 我們初中到高中部的學生下星期一開始到星期四,將分時段到台中國家歌劇院接受來自英國的戲劇專家上課指導,學習並體驗表演莎士比亞戲劇。
  • 家長月例會 - 歡迎家長們踴躍參加在1月17日星期四下午2點舉行的家長月例會。 這次會議將會討論2月28日AST國際嘉年華會活動家長會攤位的準備工作。
  • 家長與校長茶敘 (Tea Time with the Directors) - 我們已有很長一段時間沒有與家長們一起座談,聽聽家長們寶貴的建議與關心的校務; 敬邀所有家長撥冗在1月25日星期五下午1:30到學校來,再度利用茶敘時間,與校長和副校長們大家好好聊聊!

祝 大家都有很棒的一周,

校長 金安東