Dear AST Family and Friends,

The second semester has started pretty smoothly and the energy and flow on campus are positive and focused on learning. We have a number of small, but great things happening on and around campus.

This week, we had an expert in masks and drama performance work with our elementary and middle school drama students. On February 1st and 2nd, our seventh, ninth, and tenth grade students will go to the Taichung National Theater to participate in a Shakespeare workshop.

This week was our second week with a served hot lunch and the first time that our students acted as the servers to provide service to their community. Ms. Betsy's ninth grade homeroom was first to act as the servers this Wednesday. One example of why this is such a great experience for those serving and those being served was a moment between a ninth grade student passing out apples and the bright-eyed first grade girl looking up and telling him that "apples are my favorite fruit". Everyone smiled. In little ways like this, small connections are made and our community becomes just a little bit closer. Right now, we plan to continue this service program on the hot lunch Wednesdays and the pizza Fridays.

And on Monday our last teacher maternity leave is completed with the return of Dr. Madeline Gonzalez. We had six babies born here at AST in 2017 and we assume that to be some kind of record.

Please click here to see the slides (mostly pictures!) of the directors’ report at the PA meeting.

Have a great next week,



Save the Date(s)

·  Tea Time with the Directors, Elementary -  Thursday, 25 January, 2018, 2:30 pm

·  Tea Time with the Directors, Middle School - Tuesday, 30 January, 2018, 2:30 pm

·  Tea Time with the Directors, High School - Thursday, 1 February, 2018, 2:30 pm

Also, the International Carnival will be on Saturday, March 17. Mark it on your calendar and plan to bring a friend!




這星期三學校午餐是本學期第二次提供打菜式的熱食午餐,也是學校讓同學們體驗在午餐時協助打菜服務的第一次。本星期由Ms. Betsy擔任導師的9年級班上同學為大家服務。當天有一個小小的實例,可以解釋為什麼參與這樣的服務會是同學們一個很好的經驗:星期三那天,當一位9年級同學為一位1年級同學遞上蘋果時,這位1年級的小女孩眼睛為之一亮的望著9年級的學長,並告訴他“蘋果是我最喜歡的水果!”,頓時令聽到的人都不禁莞爾一笑。就這樣一個小措施,造成的小連結,就可以讓我們AST大家庭中的每一份子更加親近一些。 所以,我們現在規劃了每星期三的熱食午餐及星期五的Pizza Day,都會持續讓同學們參與午餐服務體驗。

下星期一開始,高中部的Dr. Madeline Gonzalez老師將結束產假回到學校來上課。2017年AST共迎接了6名新生兒的到來,這可能是我們另一項的最高紀錄了。







l   小學部家長與校長茶敘 -- 1月25日星期四下午2:30

l   初中部家長與校長茶敘 – 1月30日星期二下午2:30

l   高中部家長與校長茶敘 – 2月1日星期四下午2:30