Dear AST Family and Friends,

Welcome to 2018 and the new semester at AST. We have hit the ground running and the students are already busy learning. There is a great energy and happiness on campus and I hope you feel it at home.

We would like to welcome Mr. Valentino Salvato to our faculty. He is now teaching seventh and eighth grade math. He has jumped right in and already feels at home and like he has been here for a while. We are glad that he has been able to jump right in.

We are also excited to welcome back Mr. Jonah Lin after his sabbatical. He returns to our elementary art program and our middle school and high school graphic design classes. These popular classes filled quickly and he is settling back in nicely into life at AST.

There are a few changes that have been implemented this semester that we are excited to share with you. One of the changes that happened this semester based upon parent feedback is that all of our elementary school students will have PE both third and fourth quarter. We will again ask for feedback later to make sure this is having the result that we all intended.

Another addition is more after school support. More details are included below.

A third new component is a movement toward hot lunch. We have added a vendor serving hot lunch on Wednesday. It takes quite a bit more time to serve hot lunch so we are planning to have students help as servers for hot lunches. We will use the high school homeroom and middle school advisory groups. Each group will support a different Wednesday throughout the semester. This comes from a couple of thoughts. Logistically, this will allow more lunch lines and allow us to get everyone served more quickly. And, from a community perspective, it will give the students a chance to offer a small piece of service to the community. Both of these are positives.

And we will conclude this newsletter with a reminder that first semester report cards should be going home today.

Have a great week,

Anthony Keen


MS/HS After School Support

This semester we will have a teacher available every day for supporting any middle school or high school students that are looking for support. This can help those students that need support even when their teacher may not be available due to a club or sport commitment.

After School Support Schedule

   Monday: Ms. Susan Kern, G3a - support for English and Homework

   Tuesday: Mr. Valentino Salvato, K2a - support for Math and Homework

   Wednesday: Mr. Valentino Salvato, K2a - support for Math and Homework

   Thursday: Mr. Ethan Dombkowski, H3b - support for Social Studies and Homework

These are not classes with planned activities, but rather opportunities for support. Ms. Leach will no longer be hosting middle school homework help sessions as these teachers are now filling that role.

Please note that the directors may assign a student to attend one or more sessions on a regular basis. If a parent would like their child assigned to a session, please let us know and we will review their academic progress.


歡迎來到2018年以及AST新的一學期。 學校剛開學一切運作正常,學生們也已經開始忙著學習。 校園裡充滿了巨大的能量和歡樂,希望你在家裡也能有相同的感受。

我們要藉這機會歡迎Mr. Valentino Salvato老師加入AST。他是這學期我們7年級與8年級的數學老師。雖然他才剛加入AST這個大家庭,但他已經有像回到家鄉且已來了好一陣子的感覺。

我們同時也很高興地歡迎Mr. Jonah Lin老師自長假中歸來。這學期他將教小學美術課,以及初、高中的graphic design課。他所開的課程一如以往,很快就被選修額滿,目前他也正平順的回歸到AST的教學生活中。










這學期開始,星期一到星期四每天放學後,我們都安排了一位老師可以如家教般輔導初、高中同學解決學業上的問題。 放學後,若本科老師因社團或其他工作無法及時回覆同學們的學業問題,歡迎初、高中同學可依下表到這幾位輪班老師教室,請教這幾位老師關於學科方面的問題。


l   星期一:Ms. Susan Kern老師,G3a教室 – 輔導英文科與家庭作業

l   星期二:Mr. Valentino Salvato老師, K2a教室 – 輔導數學科與家庭作業

l   星期三:Mr. Valentino Salvato老師, K2a教室 – 輔導數學科與家庭作業

l   星期四:Mr. Ethan Dombkowski老師, H3b教室 – 輔導社會科與家庭作業

課後輔導老師可以幫忙解答同學們平常上課有疑問的部分,但不是幫同學們再上課。另外,Ms. Leach老師原來幫忙初中同學了解家庭作業的時段,因這學期已安排上述老師們的輔導時段而暫停。