Dear AST Family and Friends,

We are powering through our testing season. MAPs testing is finishing up as we try to catch every kid for makeups of missed exams. We are ending week 1 of AP testing for high school students with one more week to go. We will be sending home MAPs results with students next week.

Next week, we are meeting with the rest of the high school students after school from 3:45 to 5:00:

l   Monday: 11th grade

l   Tuesday: 8th grade

l   Wednesday: 9th grade

This will provide the background for making scheduling choices. Next week, we will also be emailing home the forms that we are asking students to use and more information about the process used with the students and the choices that they need to make. All of these meetings are including grade-level appropriate conversations about college planning and will be followed up with individual counseling afterward.

Looking ahead, there are a ton of end of year events and celebrations coming up and we will talk more about them over the coming weeks. Here is a quick taste: MS & HS Science Fair, HS English Showcase, ES End of Semester Celebration, ES Promotion, MS Promotion, HS Graduation, MS Drama Performances.

We would like to remind our parents that our doors are always open and we are happy to hear your concerns, ideas, and questions. We value your contributions as we partner together to keep improving the AST experience for our children.

Have a great next week,

Anthony & Annie


學校目前正處於考試季節當中,並將漸漸進入學期末了。MAPs考試部分,在每位有缺考同學都補考過後,本季MAPs考試已完全結束。為期兩週的高中AP考試,則在這星期已完成第一週的部分,下星期將完成其他剩餘的部分。 預計下星期我們還會發送同學們個人的MAPs考試結果回家。


l   5/14,星期一:(目前) 11年級

l   5/15,星期二:(目前) 8年級

l   5/16,星期三:(目前) 9年級





校長 金安東 與 副校長 童元欣 敬上