Dear AST Families and Friends,

Today is my final day as Director of AST. I would like to thank the entire AST community for a wonderful seven years.

We accomplished a lot over these past few years and it could not have been done without your support. You all were instrumental to the success we have enjoyed. As measured by the conventional markers of success for a school, be it enrollment, college admissions, or AP results, it has been a good seven years. Measured by more unconventional markers like enthusiasm among teachers and students and a general feeling on campus, it has also been a good seven years. Now we wait to see as students and graduates begin to write their own stories.

Many of you have heard me say over the years that parents placed their greatest treasure in our care, their children. The awesome responsibility captured in that thought has motivated me for over four decades. It brings with it both a sense of pride and a dose of humility to realize you entrusted with us that responsibility. Thank you to all the parents who are essential to the life of AST.

Teachers work most directly with the students. I have always felt one of the most important rules for any administrator is to remember that teachers know their students the best. Administrators should never forget that. I hope you have felt the freedom to do what you believed was best for your students and that you were given the support you needed to be successful.

Staff are unsung heroes of AST. With all the craziness that happens around a school, particularly one wrapped in two cultures, this staff has somehow managed to keep the day to day operations going smoothly. But the job descriptions you operated under were only the beginning of your contribution. Oftentimes you provided the only way for parents to communicate with the school. Our ability to respond to parent concerns often relied on our ability to communicate through you.

Of course, the student are the heart of any school, and here that heart is amazing. You brightened every day. A special thanks goes out to all those who dared to venture into the economics classroom or came to work with me individually. Teaching has always been my first love. Teaching you has been a remarkable gift that I cherish.

A major thank to Anna Lee for offering me this opportunity. I never imagined it would be as rich and rewarding as it was. Your support made it possible.

Finally, thank you to Anthony Keen. I have taken AST as far as I can. My work with you these past few years tells me that you are the person to take AST to levels I never could.

Now, one last time…

May you always be excited about learning and happy to be wherever life’s journey takes you.


Andrew Corcoran


American School in Taichung









最後,謝謝Anthony Keen! 我已盡我所能地將AST帶領到這裡。這幾年與你的相處讓我相信,你必將會帶領AST繼續前往下一個我無法達到的境界。



校長  柯安華