Dear AST Families and Friends,

Have a Wonderful Summer

The class of 2017 are now graduates. Now the class of ’18 become the student leaders of the school, the old 8th grade (class of ’21) enters high school and the 5th grade (class of ’24) moves into middle school. School leadership is seeing a similar set of moves with Mr. Anthony Keen stepping in as School Director and Ms. Annie Tung as Assistant Director.

It is an exciting time for AST. All the activity this week got in the way of preparing a final newsletter for the year so there will be one more newsletter next week to bring us to a formal close.

Have a great summer.


Andrew Corcoran




2017年畢業班(class of 2017)同學已經畢業了。現在起,今年11年級、明年為12年級的2018年畢業班已是學校裡最高年級,class of ‘18的同學要開始負起領導學弟妹責任了;原8年級 (2021年畢業班) 同學將晉升到高中部;原5年級(2024年畢業班) 同學將晉升到初中部。校園裡管理領導階層也有異動,下學年起將由Mr. Anthony Keen擔任校長一職,Ms. Annie Tung擔任副校長一職。



校長  柯安華