Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our students last weekend at the various events in which AST participated. We appreciate both your support and being able to enjoy celebrating our successes together. One particular award earned last weekend which aligns so well with our core values of Excellence, Integrity, and Responsibility came from the VEX robotic competition. Our team earned the Excellence award for their tremendous attention to detail and thorough work. We cannot be prouder of how well they represented our school.

We look forward to sharing pictures and reports from all those events next week. As I write this letter, Ms.Tung, Ms. Herding, and I are at the EARCOS Leadership Conference in Kuala Lumpur. We are attending sessions and listening to speakers talking about best practices and current research related to standards-based grading, using data to improve student learning, and what we know about the unknown future. Much of this reinforces things that we already know and are working towards implementing at AST, but new insights are always gleaned from these conferences.

We look forward to being back at campus for Spirit Week next week.

Have a great weekend,




本星期也是個繁忙的一週,我們希望在下次的週訊中,能與您分享所有這星期學校活動的圖片和報告。我在寫這篇週訊的同時,正與Ms. Tung副校長和Ms. Herding老師在吉隆坡舉行的EARCOS領導會議中,出席研習會並聽取講師談論關於 standards-based grading (基於標準評分) 的最佳實務和近期的研究;使用數據改善學生的學習;以及我們對未知未來的了解。其中大部分內容是強化我們已經知道並也努力在AST實施的事務,但我們還是從這次的會議中收集到了一些更新的見解。

我們期待下星期回到校園與大家一起進行Spirit Week活動。


校長 金安東