Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for conferences this week. Our regular connection with each other helps to create the primed, targeted, and supportive learning environment at AST. Amazing results come from the combination of student interest, a supportive school, and active parents.

Did you know?

  • AST MS Girls Volleyball won their tournament. This was the result of interested and hardworking students, a supportive environment at school with facilities and good coaching, and active parents who advocated for our student-athletes at just the right time.
  • The AST Cross Country Team earned Third Place overall in our meet. Again, interested students, and a combined supportive community of faculty, staff, and parents not only hosted a fantastic event for the international school community but an event where our team thrived. Note: for the first time, elementary students from around Taiwan were included in this event.
  • AST Robotics--Team Astonishing-- is representing both AST and Taiwan in international competitions in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and in Izmir, Turkey. They qualified for the VEX competition in Kentucky as one of two teams from Taiwan, and qualified for the FLL competition by winning the citywide Taichung competition. This happened because interested and passionate students were supported by both the school via facilities, equipment, and coaching, and by the parents who have given up countless hours on the weekends and during breaks for these teams to fine-tune, practice, and tweak their robots.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to these successes. When we truly come together with a group of passionate students, a supportive school environment, and involved parents, amazing results pour out of our kids. Let’s keep these great teams together, continue to assemble more, and watch our Eagles soar!

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie

PS: Other amazing groups include: The TAIMUN Secretariat and Leadership Team who are ramping up for TAIMUN next week, the Interact Club who hosted the 30-Hour Famine, the STUGO who just hosted high school elections for next year, the Red Cross club who supports the local food bank, the Environmental Science class who helped reduce the waste produced at lunchtime at AST, … Yes, we could go on and on. We have amazing students, supportive parents, and a great environment. We are not perfect, we are better than perfect--we are family!




  • AST 初中女排贏得了校際聯賽。這是學生基於本身的興趣和勤奮練習, 加上學校提供設施和良好教練的支援環境, 還有積極的家長在適當的時間為我們的學生運動員加油打氣、給予強力的支援所獲得的結果。
  • 今年的AST Cross Country路跑活動我們學校獲得團體第三名。同樣的也是由於有興趣的學生,以及教職員和家長們共同支持舉辦,不僅為全台的國際學校舉辦了一場精彩的活動,而且也讓我們AST團隊因本活動而更加蓬勃發展。請注意:本屆活動我們還首次邀請了台灣各地的小學生也來參加。
  • AST機器人社— Astonishing隊—即將代表AST和台灣參加在美國Louisville, Kentucky和土耳其Izmir的兩場世界級機器人大賽。他們是台灣區選出僅兩組可參加VEX於Kentuchky舉辦的年度世界大賽隊伍中的一組;他們同時也是代表台中市獲得台灣參加在土耳其FLL機器人大賽的隊伍。同學們能有這樣傑出的表現正是因為他們本身的興趣與熱情加上學校支援的設備、設施、教練,還有家長們犧牲無數的周末、假期休閒時間支援他們不斷調整、練習而來的。



校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣

PS: AST其他令人驚嘆的團隊還包括有:TAIMUN秘書處和行政領導團隊,他們將在下週舉辦第十七屆台灣模擬聯合國會議;AST扶少社,他們剛辦過飢餓30活動;學生會,本週舉辦了明年度的高中學生會幹部選舉;AST紅十字會社,透過支持食物銀行行善;環境科學課的同學們幫助減少AST午餐時產生的廢棄物,......是的,我們學生們的優秀表現總是源源不絕。AST有優秀的學生,支持我們的家長,優美的校園環境。我們雖不十全十美,但我們比完美更好 - 我們是一家人!