Counselor Corner

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses at AST will be taking an Advanced Placement exam in May 2017 as part of their AP course.  If your son/daughter is enrolled in an AP course, they have already received a copy of the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents which includes the exam schedule and valuable information on preparing for AP exams.  One way to support your son/daughter through this process is to review this bulletin with them.  Your son/daughter will receive a letter that is addressed to all parents that lists the AP exams schedule in May.  The fee per exam is 4000NTD.  Payment is due to the GAO (Sunny or Amber) by Friday, March 10, 2017.  If you have further questions about the AP exam administration, please contact me at 886-4-22397532 ext. 24.


Stephanie Graham

School Counselor/AP Coordinator



AST大學先修(AP) 課程的同學們,預計將於2017年5月份參加全球AP會考,這是AP課程須完成的最後一部分。如您的兒子/女兒這學年有修AP課,那他們應已收到一份給學生與家長的書面簡報,其中登載有本次各科AP考試時間與如何準備AP會考的寶貴資訊。家長們請與您的孩子一起檢視這份公報的內容,這將會是對孩子應付這次AP考試最大的支持。另外,您兒子/女兒還將收到一封給家長的信,信上有註明孩子個人參加5月份AP會考的時間表。今年參加AP考試的費用是每科應繳新台幣4000元,請於2017年3月10日星期五以前將AP考試費用繳到學校總務室(給Sunny或Amber)。如果您還有關於AP考試行政方面的問題,請直接來電與我聯絡:04-2239-7532 分機24。


Stephanie Graham敬上