Corcoran Fund to Promote Economic Literacy

Former AST Director Andrew Corcoran presented $100 US scholarships to sophomores Sean Ko and Selina Fu at a high school assembly this week. These are the first awards from the Corcoran Fund to Promote Economic Literacy and Global Awareness for their participation in THIMUN, the Hague next spring. The Fund is also supporting an essay contest on Income and Wealth Inequality. All participants in the essay contest will receive certificates and the finalists and contest winner will receive scholarship awards. More information is available here .

Courtesy of Mr. Andrew Corcoran


AST前校長Andrew Corcoran本星期在全體高中生集會時,頒發給10年級Sean Ko和Selina Fu兩位同學每人各一百元美金的獎學金。這是Corcoran促進經濟知識暨全球意識學習基金第一次發出的獎學金,以支持同學們參與明年春天在荷蘭舉行的THIMUN (海牙模擬聯合國會議) 活動。 這個基金同時也還舉行了一項以Income and Wealth Inequality為主題的論文比賽。所有投稿參加比賽的同學都可獲得證書,且入圍者與比賽獲勝者還可以得到獎學金鼓勵。 更多相關資訊請點閱 這裡

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