Celebrating CNY


We wish you a happy Chinese New Year! The celebration lasts for 15 days each year. This year, the New Year day falls on February 16th. While elementary school was celebrating Chinese New Year at school, MS CFL students also learned the traditions and taboos during CNY. We also tried some traditional food and drink.

Courtesy of Ms. Charlene Chen 

ES Lunar New Year Celebrations

Dear Parents, thank you for joining us in our Lunar New Year Celebrations. The elementary students had a wonderful time participating in special activities, eating delicious food and laughing with their friends and family. The elementary teachers would like to extend an extra special thank you to the parent volunteers who helped to make the day run smoothly and for the wonderful food. We hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday! We look forward to a very exciting semester which will include the upcoming Carnival, the Science Fair and much more.

Courtesy of Ms. Aimee Eppel



祝您新年快樂! 今年國小部全體師生在學校裡歡慶中國新年,有各式各樣的活動; 國中部中文課也在課堂上學習了一些新年文化傳統和禁忌,我們也享用了台灣道地的食物和飲品。

感謝Ms. Charlene Chen老師提供


感謝親愛的家長們參加我們慶祝農曆新年的活動。今年的慶祝活動,小學部同學們都歡度了一段很棒的時光,除了應景的活動與美味的食物外,還享受到與朋友及家人同歡。小學部的老師們特別要對當天志願服務的家長們致上最深的謝意,因為您們的協助才能讓我們的活動平順地進行,也因為您的付出才有那麼多美味的食物。 希望大家在歡慶活動後,也都享受了一次美好的春節假期! 接下來學校還有國際嘉年華會、科學展覽等活動即將到來,令人期待的下學期就此興奮地展開。

感謝Ms. Aimee Eppel 老師提供