Birthday Book Club - All ages Welcome!

AST students are grateful for the contributions of these three students who helped the library collection grow with their donations of books in May. Veronica Lai, Justin Lai, and Joey Yao generously donated books to the library in honor of their birthdays.  Students have been eagerly reading these donated books. Does your child have a summer birthday? A book can be donated at any time of the year.

To help you choose a book that is not already in the collection, you can contact Ms Sylvia to view books available now for donation. Any student who donates one of the available books before June 1 will be invited to the Birthday Book Club party the last week of school and receive recognition at an all school assembly in June. Don't wait, join the club now!

Courtesy of Ms. Sylvia Wiebe

生日書社 – 歡迎加入!

謝謝Veronica Lai, Justin Lai和Joey Yao三位同學增加了學校圖書館館藏。他們分別都在五月因紀念生日而捐書給學校圖書館。我們也特別讓他們優先閱讀自己所捐出的生日書。您孩子的生日是在暑假期間嗎? 您可以在學年中任意時間為他們捐贈生日書喔!

學校圖書館員Ms Sylvia可以協助您選擇目前圖書館尚未收藏,又適合同學們閱讀的書來捐贈。6月1日以前,捐書給圖書館的同學,都將受邀請參加生日書社6月份學期結束前最後一星期舉行的派對,並在全校集會中收到捐贈證明。別猶豫,現在就加入我們!

感謝Ms. Sylvia Wiebe老師提供