Birthday Book Club

​WANTED: New Books for ES Library! The elementary students want these books in the library. If you would like to help the library grow, donate one of these in honor of your child's birthday. Your child will become a member of the Birthday Book Club and participate in a birthday party at the end of the year.  See Ms Sylvia for more information.   

Courtesy of Ms. Sylvia Wiebe


誠徵:贊助小學圖書館新書者! 如附件照片所示,小學生希望學校圖書館可以有這些藏書。 如果您願意幫助學校圖書館成長,請您在您孩子生日時,以他/她的名義捐贈學校一本如照片中的書籍。有捐贈書籍的學生,就是我們生日書社團的一員,將可以參加本社團年底舉行的生日派對。 更多相關訊息,請與Ms Sylvia聯繫。

感謝Ms. Sylvia Wiebe老師提供