Birthday Book Club Books Bring Smiles

See how the elementary students love reading in the new library! They would also love some new books. Shown below are some books your child can donate to the AST elementary library. If you would like to donate one of these books in honor of your child's birthday, send Ms Sylvia an email and choose one of these. I will send you the prices of these, and other requested books, that the students are anxiously waiting to read. The children who donate will participate in an appreciation party at the end of the year, be acknowledged at an all school assembly, and have a book plate put into the book to commemorate the donation. Bring a smile to their faces when they see the new book(s).​

Courtesy of Ms. Sylvia Wiebe


看小學生們多麼喜歡在他們嶄新的圖書館裡閱讀! 他們還喜歡能有一些新書。下面附上的圖片,就是一些孩子們很喜歡的書籍。如果您的孩子想在自己生日時,以自己的名義捐給學校圖書館一本新書作為紀念,歡迎以電郵聯絡圖書館Ms Sylvia。她將會回復您關於新書的價格,還有其他也是大家都很喜歡閱讀的書目等訊息。在學年結束時,所有捐書的同學將獲邀參加感謝派對,並在全校月會上接受表揚, 且在他們所捐的書中還會標註上捐贈者的姓名作為紀念。希望能因此為看到這些到新書的小讀者們臉上帶來一抹會心的微笑。 ​

感謝 Ms. Sylvia Wiebe老師提供