Back to School Night - 24 Aug 2017

Back to School Night is an opportunity to come in and meet your children's teachers. The elementary school program runs through the afternoon from 1:00 pm to about 3:00 pm and includes time to meet the elective teachers and spend some time in the homeroom classroom with the grade level teacher. The middle and high school programs start with an optional address in the theatre at 3:45 pm and then parents will follow their child's schedule and visit each teacher for a brief presentation. Thank you for your participation in this event.

Anthony Keen & Annie Tung

Back to School Night (親師見面會) – 824日星期四

Back to School Night (親師見面會) 是每學年剛開始時,同班級家長到學校來一起與班上老師見面的機會。今年小學部親師見面會的時間是從下午1點到3點,除了有小學部主任與各專科老師的報告外,還有到各年級教室與班導師一起座談的時段。初、高中部家長在下午3:45時,可先到學校禮堂聽取校長的校況報告,然後依自己孩子的課表對照當晚時間表(如附件),到各科教室聽取老師們的簡報。謝謝您能撥冗前來參加我們的親師見面會。

校長Anhony Keen 與副校長Annie Tung