Parents of high school delegates and Grade 8 students should mark Saturday, March 2, on the calendar as a day when your child will be at AST from 9.30 AM to 3.00 PM for the annual mini-MUN. On this day these students simulate a MUN committee and practice their roles. Attendance at this event is mandatory for all delegates, secretaries and committee chairs from AST. Please support your child's participation at AST on March 2.

高中部家長和8年級生家長請您在行事曆上註記 3月 2日星期六,AST 8到12年級同學擔任第17屆台灣模擬聯合國(TAIMUN XVII) 會議各委員會幹部與助理還有擔任各國代表的同學們,都必須於當天上午9:30到下午3:00在學校參加mini-MUN 活動。當天同學們會依照自己在TAIMUN所擔任的角色,正式演練會議流程。請家長支持孩子們 3月 2日一定要到學校來實境體驗這個活動。

感謝TAIMUN指導老師 Ms. Sylvia Wiebe 提供