Our AST robotics team placed 3rd at the 2018 WRO National Competition, way to go Thomas, Eric and Max. Over the past 4 months, over 150 teams, about 500 students from across Taiwan have been working hard to improve their scores to qualify for the world competition.  

Next AST robotics will be shifting gears as they prepare for First Lego League and VEX robotics competitions.  Most of the students returned from last years FLL team and we hope to be in the top 3 place finishers.  This will be our first year attending a VEX competition, so we hope to meet a lot of great people, learn more about Robot C and other programming languages.

Courtesy of Mr. Patrick Herding  

恭喜Thomas,Eric和Max!  我們AST機器人團隊在2018年WRO國際奧林匹亞全國比賽中獲得第3名。在過去的4個月裡,來自台灣各地的150多個團隊,約500名學生一直很努力提高他們的分數,以便爭取資格參加世界比賽。

下一次AST機器人團隊將和第一樂高聯盟與VEX機器人比賽做準備。大多數學生從去年FLL團隊返回,我們希望能進前三名。這將是我們參加VEX比賽的第一年,所以我們希望與很多優秀的人見面切磋,並了解更多有關Robot C和其他編譯語言的知識。

感謝Mr. Patrick Herding提供