Into the Wild Summer Camp

Summer Camp Updates!!!

1.    All our teacher and teacher assistant positions have been filled. We are so proud and excited about the amazing group of teachers who will be educating our campers this year!

2.    We are one week away from the final deadline for summer camp discounts so sign up today at

3.    Last week, we were interviewed on ICRT radio station about our summer camp. Please listen to the audio file at here.

See you this summer!!!

Courtesy of Aimee Eppel, AST Summer Camp Director

‍2017 Participants Questions and Answers

Question: What's your favorite part of this summer camp experience?

“Drama because it is fun and I just like it” - Harrison, Group C



1.           今年夏令營所有老師與助理職位都已安排好人選了。我們非常興奮也很自豪能有這麼棒的教師群來教導參加今年AST夏令營的同學們!

2.           距離夏令營折扣的最後期限還有一周的時間,請把握機會,今天就上這裡報名。

3.           上週,ICRT電台採訪了我們夏令營主任。請聽聽本週訊附上的音頻文件


2017年 夏令營問答錄

問:”你最喜歡我們夏令營裡的什麼經驗?”答:”戲劇課,因為很有趣所以我很喜歡。 - C組,Harrison同學

感謝夏令營主任Aimee Eppel老師提供