Into the Wild Summer Camp

Attention High School Students

We are currently looking to fill three Teacher Assistant positions for this year's summer camp. Candidates must be responsible individuals, exceptional communicators and eager to have fun. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their resume, gain meaningful work experience and earn volunteer hours. Transportation and lunch will be provided. If you are graduating from AST this school year, please note this is a paid position.

If you are interested and available from July 6-27, please speak to Mrs. Eppel in the A building or email Many thanks!

Courtesy of Aimee Eppel, AST Summer Camp Director



2018 AST暑期英語夏令營正在徵3名助教。我們需要負責任、樂於溝通、並渴望開心工作的人。 同學們若希望獲得有意義的工作經驗,又同時能得到志願服務時數,這將是一個絕佳的機會,且這次的學習與領導經驗,也必將在你的履歷上留下精彩的一段。 被錄取的同學,在7月6日至27日的夏令營工作期間,學校將提供免費交通車和午餐。若是AST今年的應屆畢業生應徵上這次的暑期工作機會,將會獲得薪資給付。

有興趣加入的同學請直接到A棟1樓跟Mrs. Eppel 老師報名,或發送電子郵件至 。 謝謝!

感謝AST Summer Director:Ms. Aimee Eppel老師提供