Bake Sale

The spring PA bake sale will be on Thursday April 27 during lunch and after school. Money raised from this event will help fund PA sponsored activities, thanks to all the parent volunteers’ support. This bake sale coincides with the Spring Concert. Come to campus to enjoy both. Please remind your kids to bring enough money to buy snakes for themselves.

ASTPA President and Officers Elections

This year the ASTPA will elect a new President, Treasurer and representatives for High School, Middle School and Elementary School. We will be conducting the PA elections in the monthly meeting on Thursday April 27. The meeting will also invite an AST Alumnus to share the latest news about SAT and college applications. Parents interested in getting more involved in the PA please come join us. 

Courtesy of Melanie Hung, AST PA President


4月27日星期四的午餐時間和放學後AST家長會特別安排有點心義賣活動。義賣所得將存入家長會基金,感謝家長義工們提供贊助義賣的點心及個人寶貴時間來學校幫忙。當天放學後的義賣活動是與學校春季音樂會連結舉行,歡迎大家前來學校共享午後美好時光! 請提醒孩子們在4/27時記得帶些錢到學校來購買自己喜歡的義賣點心。



感謝AST家長會Ms. Melanie Hung會長提供