On Sunday, October 28, 2018, fifteen students and teachers traveled to Tainan to meet Dr. Jane Goodall on her annual trip to Taiwan to build her Roots & Shoots program supporting environment, animals and education with school students across the world. Christine Kao, Selina Fu, Yume Hsu, Yuyu Ho, Hoyoon Song, Catherine Wu, Angel Weng, Sharon Lin, Olivia Cheong, Winnie Ho, Seoyoon Song, Josie Yu and Dunja Jaric joined Dr. Teresa M. Tipton and Godfrey Semwaiko to participate in an inaugural groundbreaking ceremony for the new International Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Eco-Center build by Chang Jung Christian University in her honor. The ceremony included a welcome song from international African student drummers, speeches by Jane Goodall and dignitaries. African students studying at the university helped the tree planting ceremony dedicated to Roots & Shoots members who promised to protect the environment now and for our future grandchildren. After, we joined over 700 people present to view school performances from Roots & Shoots club students in Tainan. Our big moment came when we could present our ‘Taichung Our Home’ ebook to Jane Goodall in person before she was whisked away for her many other engagements.

As she reminded us, when we look around at what is happening in the world, we can sometimes lose hope. But it is the children whose example to protect the environment gives us hope for the future. For this reason, we take away more from her courageous example than words can express. It was a monumental moment for all of us. Thank you AST for sponsoring our journey! We hope to keep the spirit of Jane Goodall alive in our hearts and in what we say and do, how we can demonstrate care for each other and the world around us.                                                          

Courtesy of Dr. Teresa M. Tipton

2018年10月28日星期日,AST老師和學生們一行15人前往台南長榮大學參與國際珍古德根與芽生態教育中心協力造屋與植老樹活動,並與Jane Goodall博士見面。我們帶隊的老師是Ms. Teresa 老師和 Mr. Godfrey老師,一同前往的同學有 Christine Kao、Selina Fu、Yume Hsu、Yu Yu Ho、Hoyoon Song、Catherine Wu、Angel Weng、Sharon Lin、Olivia Cheong、Winnie Ho、Seoyoon Song、Josie Yu和Dunja Jaric,我們一起和來自世界各地的學生進行支持環境、動物及生態教育活動。

當天,我們先參加了長榮大學新建立的國際珍古德根與芽生態教育中心的慶祝落成典禮。典禮上,有來自非洲國際學生鼓隊的歡迎歌曲,Jane Goodall博士和貴賓們的演講;長榮大學來自非洲的學生代表和根與芽活動會員共同來舉行種樹儀式,並承諾會保護現在的環境並為未來的子孫努力。緊接著,我們參加了減廢回收為動物發聲展演活動,將近有700多位參與台南根與芽cji62j4/學校社團學生參與這次展演。而我們學校這次行程的重頭戲則是把握機會順利地在Jane Goodall博士離開前往下一個活動行程前, 將AST同學們合作完成的作品 -- “台中我們的家” 互動電子書親自呈送給她本人。

如同Jane Goodall博士的提醒,當我們環顧現今世界正在發生的事情時,有時會失去希望。但是許許多多為孩子們保護好環境的榜樣卻也給了我們對未來的希望。也因為如此,我們從Jane Goodall博士所獲得的,不僅是她本身勇敢的經歷帶給世人許多的知識,還有更多不是言語可以表達的感動。這對我們所有人來說都是一段巨大的時刻。感謝AST贊助這次的旅程!我們希望Jane Goodall博士的精神能夠常存我們的心中以及言行中,幫助我們能夠思考並展示出對彼此和周圍世界的關懷。

感謝Dr. Teresa M. Tipton 老師提供