AST Mascot Logos

We are very excited to announce that AST now has its own mascot logos! We received over 280 responses from our students, teachers, parents, and alumni who voted, showing their passion for our school. There were also alumni who expressed interest in getting AST sports gear too! In addition, the robotic teams have already made buttons with the new logo for their upcoming robotics competition!

The vote count for the two logos was very close. Anthony and I have decided to keep both logos, so that they can be used for different purposes. We encourage all clubs and teams to adopt a logo. However, please notify us before using them.

PE Uniform Design

We are looking into upgrading our PE uniforms and replacing the current style for the next school year. We are accepting t-shirt design suggestions now through the end of Spring Break. All members of our community (students, teachers, and parents) are encouraged to participate in this design contest. Please send your design to me <> by April 16, 2018.   


-            include one of the AST (mascot) logos

-            include the school colors: blue, red and silver (or white)

-            Include a front and a back design

-            .ai file is preferred, but a sketch will be accepted

Courtesy of Assistant Director: Annie Tung


很興奮地向大家宣布我們AST也有自己的吉祥物標誌了! 這次選舉吉祥物標誌活動共收到超過280份來自同學、家長、老師和校友的投票。校友們不但投票展現對學校活動的熱情參與,甚至也有人表示很有興趣獲得AST運動制服等裝備。此外,即將參加機器人設計競賽的AST機器人代表隊還拔得頭籌,率先利用全新的吉祥物標誌設計製造出他們AST機器人隊專屬徽章!



學校規畫下學年將再提升AST體育服的質感與設計。因此自即日起到春假結束為止,歡迎AST大家庭的每位成員 (同學、老師或家長) 踴躍提出AST體育服的設計稿來參加這次體育服設計競賽。 請將您的設計稿於2018年4月16日以前發送到 ,以下列出幾項設計時須注意事項:

-             設計上須包含有一個AST (吉祥物) 標誌

-             必須包含學校慣用的顏色:藍色、紅色和銀色(或白色)

-             設計圖須包含體育服正面與背面設計

-             設計圖檔最好是 .ai 檔,但其他繪圖檔我們也可以接受

感謝副校長:Annie Tung老師提供