AST Hoodie Pre-Order Now

Greetings from High School STUGO. This year, the STUGO has promised to make a hoodie that belongs to AST. A hoodie that express the school’s spirit. Without doubt, we did it!!! The hoodie is now ready to be ordered. This hoodie is designed under the cooperation of alumni and current AST student. Everyone who is interested in this hoodie can order it. It is a shirt not only for students in AST, but also for faculty, parents and any friends who like AST!!! The price for a hoodie is $1000 NTD. There will be a free AST napkin for people who pre-order the hoodie. The napkin is only for people who do the pre-order, it is not for sale. STUGO has been in communication with the clothes company and make sure that the quality of the hoodie worth the price. STUGO has been working very hard on this. We hope everyone can support us! Please keep in mind that the deadline of the pre-order form is 9/9. Please fill the form out as soon as possible. Thank you! (Please click here for the link of the form.)

Courtesy of Lavinia Lin, class of 2019

AST 帽T預購中

大家好,高中部學生會曾承諾今年要做出一件專屬AST的帽T,一件散發及傳播AST精神的帽T。毫無疑慮的,我們做到了! 現在,這件帽T已經準備好,將開放預購了。 這件帽T是由校友及現任AST學生攜手完成。 我們歡迎對這件帽T有興趣的任何人購買。 這件衣服不只開放賣給學生,教職員、家長及新朋好友們也都可以購買!這件帽T的售價是新台幣1000元。如果您預購,我們將會贈送一條AST手帕。這條手帕是非賣品,只會贈送給預購的人。學生會近期一直持續的在和廠商溝通,並且確保這件帽T的品質值得這個價錢。學生會非常用心的在執行這項任務,我們希望各位家長、教職員、學生及朋友們可以多多支持我們!請留意9/9是預購的截止日。請儘速提交預購表。謝謝!(預購表格的連結請點選這裡

感謝12年級Lavinia Lin同學提供