Last week’s relatively strong earthquake during MUN highlighted the need to be vigilant and prepared for all kinds of emergencies. Fortunately, MUN student leaders practiced such a drill as part of their MUN preparation. When the earthquake struck last week, the MUN student leaders sprung into action, gave precise instructions, and kept everyone calm. We are rightfully proud of the mature and responsible way that the student leaders handled this stressful situation.

To ensure the safety of all of our students and staff, AST will conduct an earthquake drill sometime next week (the day and time will not be announced just as real earthquakes strike without warning). The AST Safety Committee prepared a slideshow and video which was presented recently at the all school assembly. Homeroom and advisory teachers are encouraged to review the presentation and practice evacuation and “duck and cover” exercises in their own classrooms before the drill.

Parents, please note: should a school-wide emergency occur, AST will broadcast relevant information through ALMA and LINE. If you do not know how to access ALMA, please contact your child’s homeroom or advisory teacher. If parents have not yet joined AST's official LINE account, please do so immediately. AST's LINE ID is Please do not wait for a real emergency to happen before checking that you are on AST's line of communication.

Courtesy of AST Safety Committee



家長們,請注意: 如果學校發生緊急情況,AST將用學校ALMA系統和LINE來發佈訊息。如果您不知道如何使用ALMA,請與孩子的班導或輔導小組老師聯繫。如果父母尚未加入AST的官方LINE帳號,煩請立即加入。AST LINE 的ID為@。請事先備有學校緊急情況的聯絡方式,確保AST所發佈的訊息能立馬讓您收到。

感謝AST 安全委員會提供