AST Club News

Next Friday 12/15 is the last day for clubs. 

Congrats to Michael Wiles, MS Dance Club, Bells, Rock Band Club, and Chamber Music Club for their wonderful performances this week.

Courtesy of Activities Coordinator Derek Kensinger


Food Drive

​Thanks to all who sent lots of love towards our Food Drive donation. We have a lot of students, teachers, and staff donating diverse choices of long lasting food to our food drive. Also, special thanks to Ms. Betsy & Mr. Norton who baked all the sweet brownies for the donors. In addition, we will still keep this event going so please make sure you donate if you want to as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

Courtesy of AST Red Cross Captain Christin Kim, class of 2018


Chamber Music Club

On Saturday December 2nd, members of AST's Chamber Music Club performed at the annual Christmas party of the International Women's Association of Taichung at the Splendor Hotel. Those performing were Juliat, Justin, Makayla, Jasmine, Ting, Felicia, and Evelyn.

Courtesy of Mr. Michael Wiles



恭喜Michael Wiles老師,8年級舞蹈社,手鐘團,搖滾樂社及室內樂社! 他們這星期的演出真的非常精采。  

感謝活動組組長Derek Kensinger老師提供



謝謝大家支持Food Drive。今年有許多學生和老師捐贈保存期限較久的食物到food drive。也特別感謝Ms.Betsy & Mr. Norton 為我們親手製作香甜的布朗尼給有捐贈的人。另外,我們還會再發第二批布朗尼,所以請還沒捐贈的人把握機會喔!謝謝!




12月2日星期六,AST室內樂社同學受邀在台中國際婦女會於金典酒店舉行的年度耶誕晚會上表演。參加演出的同學有:Juliat, Justin, Makayla, Jasmine, Ting, Felicia, 和 Evelyn。

感謝Michael Wiles老師提供