AST Carnival

AST’s annual International Carnival will be hosted on Saturday, March 4th, from 10AM to 2PM.  MS/HS students should be school before 9AM. The school bus will pick up students one hour later than the usual pick up time. Then, after carnival ends, the bus will leave AST at 3PM (no late bus). There will be no school the following Monday, March 6th.

The carnival participation is not mandatory for ES students, but we strongly encourage ES students to attend. However, elementary parents must accompany and supervise their children during the carnival.

Please invite your friends and family to enjoy the foods from various countries and fun activities with the AST community.

Courtesy of HS STUGO

AST 國際嘉年華會

今年AST的國際嘉年華會在3月4日(星期六)的早上十點到下午兩點舉行。同學們需在早上九點到校,上學校車會比平常晚一小時到站接學生。嘉年華會結束後,校車會在3點時離開AST (沒有晚班校車)。接下來3月6日,嘉年華後的禮拜一全校會放假一天。