AST Athletics Update

Congratulations to 7th & 8th grade boys for winning basketball games this week!

We have a JV Boys Volleyball Tournament a @ AST this Saturday 4/29. First game for AST team is at 9:00am

Varsity Boys Volleyball will play a tournament at Kaohsiung American School on Saturday 4/29. First game is at 9:30am.  See parental/informational link.

A note to parents on coming to AST Athletic games after school and Saturday tournaments.

Attention Parents:

American schools know that students who have parents involved in their education tend to be more successful. A couple ways to get involved include coming to parent teacher conferences and coming to extra-curricular (after school) events like concerts, plays, and sporting events.

It is my job as Athletic Director to create an after school competitive athletic program for our students. Our Athletic program has grown into a very positive program over the years. Athletics are an excellent way to improve the education of your child. Our athletic program teaches students respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. What students learn in athletics will help them at universities and help them in life.

“Some people define good sportsmanship as the "golden rule" of sports — in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.”  Sportsmanship information

I strongly encourage all parents to come to our athletic games. Our athletes work hard at learning athletic skill and the values of respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The athletic games are when students get to show parents what they have learned. Please check AST website and Athletics Calendar for game information.

The end of year Sport Party is another great way to get involved in your child’s education. This night (May 19) we recognize the hard work of our athletes. Right now is the time to get signed up (at GAO) to come and enjoy an evening of sporting awards, a dance performance, musical performance, and a raffle. We encourage all parents of AST students to come enjoy the Sport Party this year.

Courtesy of Jeff Yacuk

AST Athletics




4月29日星期六Varsity男生排球將到高雄美國學校進行比賽,第一場比賽的時間為上午9:30開始。本次參賽行程注意事項請點閱parental/informational link.



美國學校都知道,若家長多參加與孩子教育相關的活動,將會幫助孩子獲得更多學習成就。家長可參加的學生教育活動有很多,如:到學校參加親師懇談會,及參加孩子課外 (放學後) 活動如音樂會、戲劇表演、以及各項體育競賽等。


“有些人定義體育運動的‟黃金法則ˮ就是良好的運動精神 -- 換句話說,體育運動是以你希望別人對待你的方式去對待與你一起運動的對方。當你對自我,隊友、其他對手、比賽雙方的教練、以及裁判、還有主審與審判人員顯現出尊重的態度時,你便展現出了良好的運動精神”摘錄自Sportsmanship information


另一項參與您孩子教育活動的絕佳方式,就是參加每學年接近尾聲時都會舉辦的Sport Party (運動員榮耀之夜) 活動。今年的運動員榮耀之夜 (5月19日舉行) 將再度表揚本學年非常努力的學生運動員們。請現在就趕快將參加晚會的回條交給學校總務室,並於當天與我們一起分享運動員們接受頒獎、學生舞蹈表演、音樂表演及摸彩等活動節目。歡迎AST大家庭的學生、家長們都能前來今年度的Sport Party。

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