AP Computer Science Principles Workday

The AP Computer Science Principles class had a special 6 hours class last Saturday, March 18, to complete their projects for the AP exam.  The day long class let the students experience the focus and concentration (flow) that computer science professionals need.

Courtesy of Ms. Betsy Norton-Middaugh 

AP CSP課工作日

高中AP Computer Science Principles (AP 電算科學原理) 班上同學在上星期六3月17日到學校來完成他們AP考試專案準備。這一整天連續6小時的密集訓練,讓同學們親身體驗了電腦科學專業人士一貫的專注與全神投入。

感謝Ms. Betsy Norton-Middaugh老師提供