Air Quality

We are on alert about air quality. We are monitoring the air quality on campus at least daily. We are developing and fine tuning procedures for days with unhealthy air quality. We are working on agreements to add air filtration to all of our classrooms.

On Wednesday, the air quality was in the red band according the AQI US measurements that are used in both the US and Taiwan. On that day, we instructed our teachers to keep the elementary students on the indoor recess schedules. We will continue to do this when the readings show orange or higher on our sensors on campus.

Typically, the air quality is a little bit better on campus than down in the city based upon the wonderful natural environment where our school is located. Additionally, our air conditioning systems do help reduce the amount of contaminants in the air, but we are not yet satisfied and we want to provide cleaner air for everyone on campus.

We will provide more information as we get the next pieces into place.