Godfrey Semwaiko began his AST residency by presenting the background and stories of some of his illustrated books published in Tanzania, England, Zimbabwe, and Germany tothe Elementary School. Many lively questions excited his subsequent work acting out stories and eliciting ideas for new stories protecting what we love about Taichung. Students from Grades 1 and 2 made African Masks and Grades 3, 4, and 5 developed original stories and watercolor and ink illustrations for handmade books. From all of these stories and images, Godfrey is busy developing his own professional illustrations to join those made by students.

This week, Godfrey has engaged Middle and High School students to scan and animate drawings, digitize illustrations, mark and edit video documentation, and create a soundtrack for an interactive ebook. Godfrey has planned visits as well to MS English, Environmental Science, Spanish, Advanced Art, HS Foundations of Art, and Senior Advisory classes before his residency completes next Friday, September 21. Join us for the all school presentation of his results so far during the Activity block from 2:35-3:35 p.m. Monday, September 17.

Dr. Teresa M. Tipton

Arts Specialist

台中我們的家:GODFREY SEMWAIKO老師的駐點藝術作品

Godfrey Semwaiko老師曾經在坦桑尼亞、英國、辛巴威和德國出版過許多小學圖書的背景,在AST展開另一次駐點藝術創作。來這裡後有許多生動的問題激發了他接下來的工作,他將以故事表演出來,並進而引出護著我們所愛台中的新故事構想來教導學生。  這段期間,我們一、二年級的同學們製作了非洲面具;三、四、五年級同學則開發了自己的原創故事,並以水彩和墨水繪製手工書插圖。而就在同學們創作故事與圖像的同時,Godfrey老師也忙著為這些同學們創作的故事加入他個人所繪製專業的插圖。

本星期,Godfrey老師讓初中和高中生掃描和製作動畫圖片,電子插圖,標記並編輯視頻檔,同學們還為互動式電子書創建配樂。 Godfrey老師並計劃在離開前,要參訪我們初中部英語、環境科學、西班牙語、進階藝術課堂以及高中部基礎藝術和十二年級諮詢課,然後在下星期五,9月21日為他的這次的駐點藝術工作畫下句點。歡迎大家在9月17日星期一下午2:35-3:35全校活動時段,來學校參觀Godfrey老師為本次駐點藝術創作至今的成果簡報。

感謝美術老師Dr. Teresa M. Tipton 提供