Additional Support

In Elementary School, we have a full team of classroom aides. Ms. Claire is working in fifth grade all day. Ms. Linda is working with fourth grade all day. Ms. Rax is working with third grade in the afternoon. Ms. Amber is working with first grade in the morning. Finally, Mr. Taylor Sharp is working with third, fourth, and fifth grade to specifically support reading and writing progress with those students. 


For Middle School and High School, they have support each day, Monday through Thursday, after school.

·  Monday: Ms. Susan Kern, G3a - support for English and Homework

·  Tuesday: Mr. Valentino Salvato, K2a - support for Math and Homework

·  Wednesday: Mr. Valentino Salvato, K2a - support for Math and Homework

·  Thursday: Mr. Ethan Dombkowski, H3b - support for Social Studies and Homework

This also will allow Ms. Lauren Leach to support our elementary students more fully in ESOL.


目前我們小學部助教群陣容真是空前的浩大。其中Ms. Claire負責5年級主要學科;Ms. Linda負責4年級主要學科;Ms. Rax負責3年級下午的學科;Ms. Amber負責1年級上午的學科。還有Mr. Taylor Sharp特別負責支援3到5年級同學在英文閱讀與寫作方面有需要加強的同學。


l   星期一:Ms. Susan Kern老師,G3a教室 – 輔導英文科與家庭作業

l   星期二:Mr. Valentino Salvato老師, K2a教室 – 輔導數學科與家庭作業

l   星期三:Mr. Valentino Salvato老師, K2a教室 – 輔導數學科與家庭作業

l   星期四:Mr. Ethan Dombkowski老師, H3b教室 – 輔導社會科與家庭作業

這樣的課後輔導安排,同時也讓Ms. Lauren Leach老師這學期可以更加專注於小學生的ESOL課程。