On Monday, January 28th, 2019, grade 5 went on a field trip to NIKE. It was a great success! This was the first time a school was invited into the NIKE office in Taichung. The field trip was arranged by Mr. Iwan, the father of G5 student Thariq. Mr. Iwan put a lot of time and effort into creating a presentation that was both informative and entertaining. Students learned a lot about Nike’s commitment to excellence every step of the way, from shoe design to shoe marketing. They were impressed to discover that preserving the environment was also an important Nike objective. Students were particularly thrilled to try on a pair of limited edition shoes! Thank you, Mr. Iwan, for your great contribution to the learning of the G5 students.

Courtesy of Ms. Linda Huang and Ms. Capule

2019年1月28日星期一,AST 5年級學生到NIKE校外教學。這是一個很棒的經驗!這是學校第一次被邀請進入台中的NIKE辦公室。此次的校外教學由G5學生Thariq的父親Mr. Iwan先生安排。 Mr. Iwan先生花了很多時間和精力為我們準備內容豐富、充實又有趣的介紹。學生們從鞋子設計到鞋子行銷的每一步驟都學到了很多關於Nike追求卓越的承諾。學生們也都留下深刻的印象,並了解保護環境也是Nike的一個重要目標。學生們特別興奮地試穿一雙限量版的鞋子!感謝Mr.Iwan先生為G5學生的學習花費了很多地心思做準備!

感謝 Ms. Linda Huang and Ms. Capule 提供