AST ESOL Services

“It takes a village to raise a child” –Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”-Chinese Proverb

“Every student at AST is a language student”-Andrew Corcoran


To use English proficiently in social and academic environments. To become prepared for the language demands of the American university system.  All AST students require language support though some may require additional language support. Responsibility falls upon all teachers at AST.  English language development in the ESOL classroom in combination with content area (math, language arts, science, etc) teachers to accommodate limited English students in their classrooms is an American system adopted by American School in Taichung.


Each student wanting to enroll at AST is asked to take an English language assessment (online LAS Links) in order to determine appropriateness for attending AST and if additional language support is needed. The ESOL instructors are responsible for applying language testing and then providing scores for director review. LAS online Language testing is also applied by selected AST office  staff. The school director makes final decisions based on testing and interviews regarding additional language support or ESOL. ESOL services require an additional fee.

ESOL Program Model

Students in the ESOL program are required to participate in a self-contained ESOL elective course. Credit is received for the course. Course work is based upon Susana Dutro’s Systematic focused Approach to English Language Development. Academic vocabulary is emphasized as well as language forms and functions.  Using English verbally is strongly encouraged.  ½ hour of each high school ESOL class is devoted to helping students with their regular content area work.

Additional English Language Support

  • ‍After school English Language Support and homework help
  • ‍One on one tutoring available (additional fee)
  • ‍On-line writing support (googleclassroom)
  • Content teacher sheltered techniques

Sheltered Instruction

Sheltered Instruction is a technique used by regular classroom teachers to help make their content accessible to ESOL students. The combination of an ESOL self-contained classroom with Sheltered Instruction is a proven highly effective means for acquiring English. Training opportunities in Sheltered Instruction is offered to regular content area teachers by the ESOL specialist.

Roles and Responsibilities

The ESOL instructor primary responsibility is establishing a self-contained ESOL classroom. Developing proficiency in English reading, writing, speaking and listening to ensure student social and academic success is the priority. A chosen curriculum is applied that meets American English Language Proficiency Standards.

Additional ESOL instructor responsibilities:

  • ‍Language testing: For enrollment to AST and entry into ESOL program. Also exit from ESOL program
  • ‍Encouraged to collaborate with content area teachers
  • ‍Provide support for content area teachers (classroom strategies/tips & sheltered instruction trainings)
  • ‍Schedule regular ESOL instructor meetings
  • Schedule regular ESOL update meetings with director


An ESOL students is first considered to for exiting ESOL program by the ESOL instructor. The online LAS Language assessment will also be given to all ESOL students in May. Scores from this test will determine student exiting the ESOL program. If scores are “borderline” as to exiting the program, then the Language Arts teacher or regular classroom teacher opinion may be needed in final decision to exit or not.  The ESOL specialist will make the final exiting decision.