AST Athletics


The Athletic Department at AST will provide the leadership and opportunity for student-athletes to gain lifelong learning experiences via competitive sport. Opportunity will be provided for student-athletes to develop physically, ethically, and socially. Developing the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect in the athletic program will positively affect all aspects of the lives of the AST student-athlete.  


  • Promote student participation in AST competitive sport.
  • Provide the finest quality coaching.
  • Provide facilities with excellent venues for safe competitive sport.
  • To teach appreciation for the the benefits of hard work and perseverance.
  • To teach how to function as a member of a team.
  • To teach equal treatment of all peers and appreciation/respect of coaches and teachers.
  • To teach acceptance of victory and defeat in a positive manner.
  • To provide opportunity to develop individual athletic skill to full potential.
  • To encourage school spirit.
  • To encourage positive representation of AST at all times.

Athletic Updates

Yuri Melnychuk
Athletic Director

About AST Athletics


For any successful Athletic Program, it is a prerequisite to have participation at a young age. Along with excellent P.E. coursework, AST offers an after school Sports Club for our Elementary students. This club looks to introduce potential young athletes to the fundamentals of sport and  our Athletic Program values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect. We want our young students to be as excited about sport as they are about learning!


Participation is the emphasis for our MS Athletic Program. Students trying a sport for the first time are encouraged to participate. Coaches are expected to teach fundamentals and push each individual to his or her athletic potential. Students will be expected to participate in all practices and strengthening/conditioning exercises. Students will learn how being physically fit can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. They will learn how to remain respectful toward peers and adults during times of defeat as times of celebration. MS student athletes will also get the opportunity to learn how to be a proactive member of a team.


Participation is encouraged at the high school level as well with a stronger emphasis on competition and winning. Student-athletes at the HS level will learn the same values as MS student-athletes. The strengthening/conditioning may be more intense at this level. There will be an increase in pressure from coaches to win.


At AST, participation is the emphasis for elementary & middle school student-athletes. Coaches are to allow for all players participating in a sport (athletes attending all practices) to have playing time during games. At the high school level, competition and winning are emphasized. During competitive events, coaches will use the  players necessary for the coach’s strategies to be applied most effectively.

The AST Board and Administration has made it possible for the recruitment of Taiwanese professional coaching for our varsity teams. These coaches make a significant difference in our ability to compete with other schools and for our student-athletes to reach their maximum potential. Interviews for coaching are scheduled by the athletic director. They include an interpreter and student-athletes involved in the sport.

AST faculty with knowledge, experience, and motivation for coaching are allowed to coach competitive sport at AST. Coaches will be evaluated for their ability to teach fundamentals of their chosen sport as well as teaching higher skill levels of the sport.  The athletic director will assess coaching ability and make final decisions regarding a faculty member coaching a team.

High school athletes are encouraged to coach our middle school teams. The athletic director will review requests from high school athletes wanting to coach and assess their sport knowledge, maturity, and motivation to coach. Student coaches will be required to complete a coaching training  that includes psychology of sport, coaching strategies, and teaching sportsmanship.

Parent Involvement


AST encourages parents to be an active part of our competitive sport. Please encourage your son or daughter to participate. Please come to the school and watch your son or daughter as they participate in competitive events or travel to other schools to watch the events. There is a schedule available on the AST athletics calendar. There is a Monday morning athletic update email sent out. Also, read the AST newsletter for information on our competitive events. For further inquiries, please contact the athletic director.

  • Remember that children learn best by example.  Appreciate good performances and skillful plays by all participants.
  • Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  • Show appreciation for  coaches, officials and administrators.  Without them, your child would not have the opportunity to participate.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


AST has its own First Aid Department organized by a certified teacher. Student members of the First Aid Department all have First Aid Certification. It is AST policy that we have a certified member of the First Aid Department present at all AST sporting events. A “First Aid Station” is set up for our home tournaments. Adult supervisors are present at all competitive practices and games. 

TISSA Codes of Conduct


  1. Play by the rules.
  2. Never argue with an official.  If you disagree, have your captain or coach approach the official during a break or after the competition.
  3. Control your temper.  Verbal abuse of officials, other players or spectators is never acceptable.  Deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not tolerable or permitted behaviors in any sport.
  4. Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team.  Your team’s performance will benefit and so will you.
  5. Be a good sport.  Applaud all good plays whether they are made by your team or the opposition.
  6. Treat all participants in your sport as you like to be treated.  Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor.
  7. Cooperate with your coach, teammates and opponents.  Without them there would be no competition.
  8. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents, friends or coaches.
  9. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


  1. Never ridicule or berate a young player for making a mistake or not coming first.
  2. Be reasonable in your demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Operate within the rules and spirit of your sport and teach your players to do the same
  4. Ensure that the time players spend with you is a positive experience.  All young people are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.
  5. Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of all the players.
  6. Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with the sport.  This includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators. Encourage your players to do the same.
  7. Show concern and caution toward sick and injured players.  Follow the advice of a physician when determining whether an injured player is ready to recommence training or competition.
  8. Obtain appropriate qualifications and keep up to date with the latest coaching practices and the principles of growth and development of young people.
  9. Any physical contact with a young person should be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the player’s skill development.
  10. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

AST Competitive Sport General Information

Competitive sports endorsed by the Taiwanese International School Sport Association (TISSA) include basketball, volleyball, softball, football, track and field, soccer, cross country, swimming and badminton.

TISSA Members


  • Dominican International School (DIS)
  • Grace Christian Academy (GCA)
  • Morrison Academy Taipei (MAT)
  • Taipei European School (TES)
  • Kuei-Shan International (KSS)
  • Taipei American School (TAS)


  • American School Taichung (AST)
  • Ivy Collegiate Academy (ICA)
  • Morrison Academy Central (MAC)


  • I-Shou International School (IIS)
  • Kaohsiung American School (KAS)
  • Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK)

The AST athletic program will allow for any TISSA endorsed sport provided there are enough student  athletes to form a legal team. Current AST competitive athletics include volleyball, basketball, badminton, and cross country running.

Students wanting to form non competitive sporting activities may do so through the AST activities program.

Season & Tournament Dates 2018-2019

Season Dates
Tournament Dates
MS Volleyball
August 27st-October 28th
October 28th
HS Girls Volleyball
August 21st-October 28th
JV-October 21st
Varsity-October 28th
HS Badminton
To Be Determined
(Late September or early October)
November 11th
HS Basketball
October 31st-January 20th
Varsity-January 13th
JV-January 20th
MS/HS Cross Country
March 10th
HS Boys Volleyball
January 23rd-April 28th
JV-April 28th
Varsity-April 28th
MS Basketball
February 21st-May 12th
May 12th