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Dear Friends and Families,

Welcome to the American School in Taichung. 

For over two decades, AST has offered a challenging education for students who must function in a rapidly changing, multi-cultural world. Our graduates are expected to exhibit traits of excellence, integrity, and responsibility as they develop problem solving skills to meet the needs of the future. 

AST is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We offer an American curriculum designed to prepare students for success in US colleges and universities. We  accomplish this by attracting a teaching staff of fully qualified and certified teachers who bring experiences from American and International schools to our students. Small class sizes enable our students and teachers to form lasting relationships that enhance the educational atmosphere. As a small school we are able to foster a sense of community that further enriches the environment for learning. 

We realize that parents entrust their greatest treasure to us, their children,  and we take that responsibility very seriously. As you learn more about us, I hope the excitement that is at the heart of AST is evident. Our success is found in the lives of our graduates. Our mission is to help them create the future. 

This web site will introduce you to the American School in Taichung. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us through the admission office. We are open to all students with foreign passports and provide special support to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).


Anthony Keen

About Us

Our Vision:
American School in Taichung is an international school with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and responsibility that prepares college-bound students for a rapidly changing world.
See our Vision, Mission, and SWAG
Our History:
This is a timeline representation of our long history since our grand opening in 1989 including celebrations and remembrances.
View the Timeline
Our Campus:
AST is located in the scenic Dakeng region, in the foothills at the edge of Taichung. Dakeng is famous for hiking, hot springs and for its natural beauty.
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Our Address:
No. 21-1, Chu Yuan Lane, Beitun District, Taichung, 40661
Getting to AST
Our Contact Information:
Tel: 04-2239-7532 | Fax: 04-2239-4956
電話: 04-2239-7532 | 傳真: 04-2239-4956
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Admission / 入學申請程序

These are the steps to getting enrolled at AST:
  1. Campus Tour
    We strongly encourage you to visit AST to see the campus for yourself. Campus tour is by appointment only, so book ahead! Please contact our Admission’s office to make an appointment.
  2. Submit Application and Documents
    Please submit all application documents to the Registrar's office. The necessary documents are listed below.
    1. Complete records from previous school(s) (with English translation if needed)
    2. One photocopy of your current non-ROC passport.
    3. Two photos (2")
    4. Doctor's certification of good health (Completed Medical Form)
    5. Non refundable application processing fee of NT $3,000.
    Important: Application materials sent to American School in Taichung become the property of the school and will not be returned or forwarded to other institutions.
  3. Admission Test
    For grades 1 through 2, applicants will have an interview in English with a member of the faculty. For grades, 3 and up, applicants will be tested on English listening and reading comprehension using a computer-based English proficiency test. In addition, they will respond to a writing prompt. In rare circumstances, additional testing may be required.
  4. Admission Committee Review
    Our admission committee will review your application materials, tests, and interview results. The committee will make a decision on acceptance, grade level, and possible ESOL placement or language support at AST. The criteria to be followed by the Admissions Committee in making these decisions include:
    1. Passport: AST can accept only those students who have a valid passport from countries other than the Republic of China;
    2. School Records: Generally, we except applicants to have "B" or better grades for at least the current and previous school year;
    3. Age: By August 31 of the school year the applicant must be 6 years old to enter grade one.
    4. English/Math proficency: The results of the candidate's assessment must demonstrate a high potential for success at AST.
  5. Admission Decision
    We will call to inform you of the admission decision, and discuss registration and orientation procedures for successful applicants.
  1. 參觀學校
    我們非常鼓勵您親自前來看看學校環境, 感受一下校園氣氛。校園導覽需要事前預約, 請您與本校註冊組聯絡並儘早預約參觀時間。
  2. 繳交入學申請書及其他文件
    所有申請入學文件請先翻譯成英文,再繳交給本校註冊組人員, 需要文件包含:
    1. 兩封推薦信(可使用 AST 既有表格, 一般書信格式也可接受)
    2. 學生過往成績單
    3. 國外護照影本
    4. 兩張 2 吋相片
    5. AST 入學健康檢查表(School Entry Physical Examination Form), 需醫師簽名
    6. 申請費 NT$3,000 (本費用請與申請書同時繳交, 申請費無法退費)
    7. 校車與午餐訂購表 (有需此服務者填寫)
    請注意:您所繳交到本校的所有相關申請文件將轉為學校所擁有, 無法再返還給您或轉交給其他機構。
  3. 入學考試
    申請者需參加台中美國學校的入學考試, 以評量其英文程度。考試科目為英文, 視學生個別狀況, 有可能加考其他科目。一般來說, 學生需接受英文聽力測驗、閱讀測驗、寫作測驗及與本校老師簡短面談。
  4. 入學委員會審核入學資格
    本校之入學審查委員會將會詳細審視您的申請文件、入學考試成績與面談結果, 並依此決定學生錄取與否、
    學生適合就讀之年級和是否參與 ESOL 等英文加強課程。以下為本校入學審查委員會所遵循的準則:
    1. 護照:學生就讀台中美國學校需擁有合法之外國護照。我們可接受任何外交部認可之國家護照, 但不接受中國大陸及台灣護照。
    2. 學生成績: 一般來說, 我們期待申請者近年的學業成績至少平均為 B 或更好。
    3. 年齡限制: 申請就讀 G1 的學生, 須滿實歲六歲 (以就讀當年 8 月 31 日為基準)。
    4. 英文/數學程度: 申請者提出之申請文件及入學考試成績需展現申請者有足夠的英文及數學能力, 並有潛力在 AST 獲取成功。
  5. 錄取決定
    一旦校長與入學委員會做出決定後, 我們將致電告知您結果。若確定錄取, 我們將接著跟您討論註冊以及新生訓練等事宜。
Amy Chang
Director of Admissions ex.11

Divisions at AST

AST is separated into three divisions. These divisions follow the same bell schedule, have lunch together daily, and gather together monthly in an all school assembly.

Elementary School

Our elementary school serves students from grade one through five. This division is characterized by an American curriculum featuring one teacher throughout most of the day developing a strong core in English, mathematics, science, and social studies as well as daily Chinese language instruction. This division also focuses on social and emotional learning, developing an understanding of self and a concept of the world around them.

More ES InformationInformation for Current ES Parents

Middle School

Our middle school serves students in grades six through eight. This division is characterized by an American curriculum with a strong focus in English language development, character development, leadership development, and personal exploration.

More MS Information

High School

Our high school serves students in grades nine through twelve. This division is characterized by an American curriculum including an extensive Advanced Placement program, hosting the largest annual Model United Nations event in Taiwan, and providing numerous opportunities for developing leadership, personal exploration, fostering creativity, and building critical thinking.

More HS Information

School Profile

American School in Taichung is a one-through-twelve non-profit international school serving expatriate and internationally-mobile families in Taichung, Taiwan. The school offers an American based curriculum that allows for transfer between AST and other international schools and western-style educational systems. The school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and in 2019 was granted an additional six-year accreditation. Most of our faculty members come from the United States, though Canada, England, Columbia, Germany and Taiwan are also represented.

Educational Philosophy and Offerings

AST is dedicated to providing a rigorous, western-style education to all students. Classes emphasize critical analysis, problem-solving, and cooperative projects. Communication skills are a particular focus at AST: the school offers Chinese language studies (both for native speakers and for Chinese language learners), English writing and literature studies, a full ESOL program, and Speech as an elective. All students participate in a variety of classes in the fine and performing arts, physical education, and health and nutrition. Over the past eight years, all of our graduates have gone on to higher education, though some have taken a gap year, or have entered mandatory military service first.

AP results, 2017

  • 57% of grade High School students took at least one AP exam. (55 students out of 96 total)

  • 55 students took 121 AP exams.

  • 21 students (22% of our HS students) were awarded AP Scholar (9); AP Scholar with Honor (7);  and AP Scholar with Distinction (5).

  • 2 AST students were also granted AP International Diplomas.

Student Initiative and Governance

AST intentionally fosters a culture supporting student initiative, self-management, and governance. The  students are deeply involved in Student Government, starting in 3rd Grade. By High School, the students  are creating and executing a strong calendar of events, which include TAIMUN – the Taiwan Model  United Nations. TAIMUN is the longest running Model UN in Taiwan, attracting more than 300  participants from schools across the island, and from other countries. TAIMUN is substantially student  organized and operated. Additional activities have included student created and organized aid trips to  Cambodia; support of Amnesty International; support of famine relief; and support of schools for the  disabled.


English Immersion Summer Camp
2020 Summer Camp is canceled / 2020夏令營活動取消

Thank you to everyone who participated in the  AST Summer Camp 2019 “Pirate Quest”. The teachers, staff , administration and all volunteers worked really hard to make an amazing experience happen for the campers. AST camp was guided by our schools core values of excellence, integrity and responsibility. We truly hope everyone had a wonderful summer making friends and learning English. Have a fantastic school year. We look forward to see you next summer.

感謝參加 2019 AST "航海探檢"夏令營 的所有人。所有AST的教師,工作人員,行政人員和志願服務者都秉持AST "卓越,誠信,負責"的核心價值,非常努力地為夏令營的學員們帶來難忘的體驗。 我們希望每位學員都有一個美好的夏天:交到新朋友,有不同的學習體驗,且英語學習也更進一步。祝大家接著有個美好的一學年。我們期待明年夏天與你再相見。

Summer Camp Website
Suzanne Pearson
Summer Camp Director
American School in Taichung
Amber Chin
Summer Camp Assistant Director
American School in Taichung